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Swire — Pacific Place
Wayfinding inderface
Reimagining indoor wayfinding
The brief

Swire approached us to come up with a help customers to navigate through their deluxe new Hong Kong shopping mall designed by Thomas Heatherwick.

Our location-aware interactive kiosks featured groundbreaking 3D maps that automatically oriented to individual users. The project was a unique and ambitious, never before had this level of detail been attempted for a wayfinding system. Completed over a 6 months period the outcome was completed to the highest standard and is still in use today.


Users can quickly find shops, restaurants, amenities and offers. It also includes live weather typhoon updates from the local weather bureau.


Design and interface echoed physical cues from Heatherwick’s design - warm, organic lines and precise, smooth movements in response to the lightest touch.


A bespoke set of icons were designed, covering all amenities and shop categories.

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