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Natwest Bank
Digital Banking
User experience led banking
The Task

To reinvent the way Natwest interacts with it's customers in key areas. They, like most hight street banks were stuck offering a poor, outdated user experience to their customers, and were loosing ground to digital focused startup banks.

Project 1, A place for business

For many years Natwest's Business Portal underserved their medium-to-large organisation clients, with diverse and often complex needs the task of relaunching it was complex. Our first task was to identify a core user to target from the wide range of personas, we settled on CFO and CEO's. Once their needs were understood we began a series of sprints focused on wire-framing, designing and prototyping core parts of the user journey, highlighting areas such as onboarding, the dashboard, multi account overview (showing feeds from other banks) and settings & permissions. Named 'Natwest Connect' the project ran to 6 weeks and was presented to the client in both a Figma and Protopie prototype which were warmly received by the client.

The final product gave users an overview of their financial account (across multiple banks via PSD2) along with analysis of their spend and income and upcoming payments and detailed privilege control.

Project 2, Credit Cards

Our research showed customers - new and existing - felt confused with the language used and how the information was displayed when shopping for credit cards - an area compounded by the minefield of legislation attached to these products. We approached this challenge by giving each product a narrative. The content flowed logically from one piece to the next, starting with the 'elevator pitch' and ending with the necessary t's & c's in a clean and clear layout & UI - the results of the user testing confirmed our approach, testers left with a hugely improved understanding and were much more likely to apply for the product.

Project 3, Online Banking improvements

We were challenged with improving the overall experience of online banking in RBS and Natwest and giving users the tools they need to manage their account themselves. We made the traditional bank statement a complete overhaul, making it a powerful tool in money management.

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