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Land Rover
VR Experience
Become a Helicopter Photographer
The brief

To launch the new Defender at the Paris autoshow we created an immersive VR experience where visitors could become an arial photographer in some of the earths most amazing landscapes. Guests were strapped into a rig and harness before experiencing a 2 minute ride across 4 different landscapes, each time being tasked with taking photographs of the Defender at the perfect time, The whole experience was created in Unreal, supported by motion plates under the seats, surround sound and wind fans, making the experience truly immersive.


After the event guests received a digital souvenir of their experience - a looping video of their experience - complete with shot of them hanging out of the VR helicopter. Their performance was also given a rating and shown on a leaderboard along side celebrities that also took part.

The souvenir consisted of a series of 'bullet time' scenes from the experience in which a camera seemlessly panned through, ending with a shot of the guests face super imposed onto the photographers body.

I was responsible for art directing and designing the interfaces throughout the experience, the souvenir and various parts of the sequence.

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