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Hardware, app and marketplace
Healthy home

Whilst leading innovation initiatives at Delos the team and I developed HealthyHome, a multi-sensor, app and service that monitors the conditions in a home and provide insights into improving the environment. The concept leverages Delos' position as respected market leader in air purification and environmental wellness.


We spend over 90% of our time indoors, and our homes greatly affect our health. Indoor air quality is often much worse than outside, causing increased exposure to allergens and irritants, constant exposure to electric light disrupts our sleep and alertness.

Through extensive testing we identified key demographies in need of a product that helps keep their environment safe - specifically new parents, sufferers of chronic conditions and urban dwellers.

The Product

The heart of the initiative lies in the HomeHub, an industry leading multi-sensor and the HealthyHome app delivering simple, highly accurate, science-backed, personalised data. Users receive alerts when the home is unsafe, and provides tailored suggestions on how to improve conditions.

The Platform

What makes HealthyHome unique is the platform, consisting of live data sourced from on board sensors and external feeds, the hardware, an engine that takes the data and identifies the relevant factors to each user, the App (interface) and the range of remediations - from free suggestions and alerts, detailed insights (via a paid subscription) and a marketplace of vetted 3rd party solutions.


A key financial aspect to the enterprise was the ability to upsell products already tested and endorsed by Delos. This reassured customers that their needs would be sufficiently met and gave the business a cut of the sale price.

Customer validation

Throughout development we extensively tested the concept, features and our design decisions to ensure we were meeting the needs of our users. This came in many forms, from interviews, prototype testing to quantitive online surveys.

Revenue Streams

Corporate dashboard

Additionally, an office interface was tested, allowing a fleet of devices to effectively monitor and remediate conditions for an office based workforce. Aimed at C+ buildings without effective workplace conditioning already in place.

My role

I led this project from early concept and I was responsible for all areas including pitching the idea to the C-Suite, testing market appetite, outlining the business case and market size, ideation and design.

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