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Science backed, nature based mindfulness

We are living through a mental health epidemic. Our goal was to create a product that businesses could use to improve the mental health of their workforce. The result: An app that reduces stress, improves sleep, and enhances focus with its science-backed, nature-based experiences.


Through studies undertaken by DelosLabs we learned that certain sounds and visuals could have considerable impact on mental states, and by concept testing we learned that there was huge appetite for a scientifically validated product that helped users relax, focus and sleep. Our outcome was an app that offered users a high quality library of generative, nature based, science backed experiences, tailored to their needs.

Above: The library, a collection page and the player.

Best in Class

We defined 3 pillars that make MindBreaks the highest quality relaxation app on the market, that make it stand out from the crowd and make it one of the most beneficial for your health.


The content was carefully curated in two ways: by intent (e.g. sleep, relax, refocus etc) and by Aesthetics. This allowed the user to intuitively navigate to what they need or are interested in and create a robust framework for ongoing content creation.

Above: The 5 Aesthetic albums on launch.
Creative Direction

The approach for the visual direction was closely informed by the audio and the effects on the user, 5 styles were developed (one for each aesthetic album). The challenge was to balance the narrative within each track with something abstract enough to be used on several tracks and that could be rendered live. The idea was to have these rendered on the handset in real time using Unreal Engine 5, saving massively on streaming costs.

The Sleep Program

Helping users sleep was a key objective, so we designed a range of features that helped users that struggled - such as enabling the sounds reactive to their biometric inputs, scheduling that reminds user when it's ready to wind down, and live data visualisations that displays users data on stress and energy levels in real time.

Above: Sleep program input screen, scheduling, adaptive Player, data overlay.

As well as user being able to enjoy the experiences on their phone, TV streaming and smart lighting was incorporated into the build, allowing for a more visual immersive experience.

My role

My role was Lead Designer and Creative Director on the project, working on branding, defining creative direction of the animations and audio tracks, and high level designs through to detailed design patterns and setting up the design system.

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