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Fjord Accenture
Trends 2020
Styling Fjords renowned Trends campaign

Each year Fjord release a series of insights looking at what's ahead for the future of business, technology and design - the 2020 edition brought some provoking themes to light.

The overall direction came directly from the text - manifesting in a turbulent, sometimes funny, rebelliousness and belief everyone has the power to spark change. The visual and mechanics encourage people to be actively engaged and have a voice; to interact and collaborate with the world and dare to be a bit more rebellious. Activism, fly posters, Terry Gillian's work on Monty Python and propaganda are reflected in the overall visual style.


The report was given its own identity, including logo, flexible colour palette, texture set and style guide.


A new, responsive website was also designed, giving users access to the trend overview and PDF download.

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