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Major League Baseball
Home Run Derby

London Yards Baseball Festival in the Truman Brewery was MLB's big play into introducing baseball to a young UK audience. Sitting front and centre within the event was Home Run Derby, a live batting experience featuring a batting cage lined with bleachers and a 12 x 3m LED screen.

The Drum Award Winner 2019 — New Event of the Year
The Drum Award Winner 2019 — Sports Experience of the Year

Each game lasted 3 minutes and allowed players to attempt to hit 10 40mph pitches.


The experience UX and every screen state was storyboarded individually. Interface and animation styleframes were then further defined in Photoshop.


Over 100 style frames were created, covering the interface and each animation.

To manage the players a custom registration app was also created.


Each hit was tracked by a lidar camera which fed live data into a bespoke built software, which played a scoring sequence including one of 30 pre rendered animations.

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