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Smart lighting for healthy homes

Helping new homeowners live in healthy homes by providing a lighting system that helps them relax, focus and sleep.


Quality of light in a room plays a huge role in our mood and productivity, at Delos we created a smart light specifically designed with health and wellbeing in mind, including features like adaptive SolarSync (which dynamically changes the light depending on the time of day) and Wake Up and Wind Down moods (to help you start and end the day in the best way possible).


A considerable challenge was building an intuitive set of controls that would allow us to deliver our unique health features in a way that also gave users flexibility. A big win for us came in the development of our Dynamic Ring, allowing for visibility and control over brightness and hue of their lights.

Environment scan

The app was designed to utilise the iPhones in-built Lidar sensor to map out the room and measure ambient light, allowing the software to tailor the light quality to the specific needs of the space and occupant.

Health features

During development we designed a range of health related features that made the product really stand out in the ever growing smart lighting market.

A new way to curate scenes

Understanding preset scenes have always been a pain point for smart light users, so we developed a new way of representing them using the design language we established with the Dynamic Ring (above). Intuitive visuals such as thickness correlated to brightness, and colour of the ring represented hue of the lights.

Customer validation

Throughout development we extensively tested the concept, features and our design decisions to ensure we were meeting the needs of our users. This came in many forms, from interviews, prototype testing to quantitive online surveys.


Along side the build, a component library was established, enabling assets to be easily managed, deployed and reused across other products in Delos' growing portfolio,

My role

My role was Lead Designer and Creative Director on the project. From early concept to delivery I was responsible for all areas, from setting up the design system, defining art direction and working from high level layouts through to detailed design patterns and animations.

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