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World Expo 2020 launch
Burj Khalifa
An epic launch for a world event

As part of the opening ceremony to the World Expo 2020, Emaar asked us to create two 90 second animations to play on the world biggest LED screen - the whole face of the Burj Khalifa. The animations would accompany a huge firework display and would be streamed live to events happening all over the UAE.

Animation 1

Animation 2

The process

The project took 4 weeks from initial brief to the live event (the tight timeframe due to the the original supplier pulling out last minute). During that time I was responsible for detailed storyboarding of the sequences, art directing the overall design, pulling together a team of three 3D animators, presenting to the client and the final delivery. Animators included Stuart Sinclair, Lukas Kuhn and Enric Rodriguez.

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