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User experience led banking

Building a new set of services for Natwest Bank

The Task

To reinvent the way Natwest interacts with it's customers in key areas. They, like most hight street banks were stuck offering poor user experience to their customers, and were loosing ground to the more digital startup banks.

Account Opening

The task was to increase the number of successful current account openings by reducing the amount of time it takes to apply from 45 minutes to under 5 minutes. We cut the form down from 17 pages to 1 short scrolling page buy removing duplication, jargon, and integrating clever widgets to the process.

Transferring Money

Transferring money within internet banking has always been a bad user experience for people. Normally it involves entering a string of complicated numbers and reference code followed by an undefined waiting time, and the risks were high - research showed people frequently felt anxious about whether the money got to the correct destination.

With this, our crack team set out on a 2 week micro project to make-test-learn our way to a better offering. The result - a clear, mobile led experience that is intuitive and reassuring to the customer.

Credit Cards

An area we identified for improvement early on was displaying clear info about Natwests credit cards. Our research showed customers - new and existing - felt confused with the language used and how the information was displayed. The extra challenge to this task was to navigate the minefield of legislation attached to these products.

We approached this challenge by giving each product a narrative. The content flowed logically from one piece to the next - the viewer started with the 'elevator pitch' and ended with the necessary t's & c's - the results of the user testing confirmed our approach, users left with a hugely improved understanding and were much more likely to apply for the product.

Online Banking

We were challenged with improving the overall experience of online banking in RBS and Natwest and giving users the tools they need to manage their account themselves. We made the traditional bank statement a complete overhaul, making it a powerful tool in money management.

I was the lead creative on the project, working with the client to understand their needs and requirements as well as designing and presenting finished work to them. I also worked closely with the tech department ensuring that the work was on target and worked as the original design intended.
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